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    West Gold International (Pte) Ltd     
As the Headquarter of West Gold Group, the main responsibilities is to develop new business plans and
   opportunities worldwide. Coordinates the operation of all branches and business relationship, and a financial
   hub. Direct Control & coordinates Singapore and Asia Area business and daily operation. Representative of
   shipyard agent, marine equipment and vessel chartering.
     Brand of the products representing are:

  Raytheon / USA:

    Nera Telecommunication / Norway
Nera Fleet 55                 Nera Fleet 77
     ,Reefer Business for Containers
Carrier (USA)           (USA)             Mitsubishi (Japan)
     Walker C Wind System Walker
Thomas Walker & Son Ltd.(UK)

      Yanmar Engine C Generator


TEL:+86 21 5396 1052 / 5396 1056
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